Take 3 joins exclusive voyage of discovery to the outer Great Barrier Reef

June 10th, 2016


Take 3 were invited to participate in the Coral Sea Clean Up and Biodiscovery Tour co-ordinated by Parks Australia and BushBlitz. The journey will see the 24 participants travel over 440km from the Australian Coastline to visit remote islands and cays including the Diamond Islets, Lihou and Magdaleine Cays.

Tim Silverwood, co-founder of Take 3 will join representatives from leading NGO's Surfrider Foundation and Tangaroa Blue to remove and record debris that will return to shore to be repurposed as art. Tim said, "Marine debris is a major global issue affecting all levels of marine life and ultimately, us. It's critical that we undertake further research into the issue so we can then take calculated and effective steps to prevent the problem. I'm excited to see the outer reef and to remove hazardous debris but I know it will be heartbreaking at the same time. I look forward to sharing my feelings with our audience on social media during and after the voyage." 


Press Release from Parks Australia:

A 12-day voyage to discover new species and tackle marine debris in the Coral Sea will depart Mackay on Saturday.  

A crew of 24 specialists including scientists and teachers will board two vessels – the Odyssey and the Iron Joy – before sailing to remote islets and cays as part of the Coral Sea Clean-up and Bio-discovery Voyage.  

The Iron Joy crew will focus on marine debris research and clean-up work while those on the Odyssey will aim to uncover new species.   

Parks Australia’s Head of Marine Protected Areas Jason Mundy said this voyage would improve our understanding of marine debris and biodiversity in the Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve.  

“The Coral Sea covers almost 1 million square kilometres of near-pristine ocean. It is part the Commonwealth Marine Reserve network - which makes up one-third of all Australian waters,” Mr Mundy said.  

“The Coral Sea is one of the last places on Earth you will find large populations of sharks, tuna, billfish, swordfish and marlin. It is internationally recognised for its rich biodiversity and is home to vulnerable humpback whales and green turtles as well as 13 species of seabird considered threatened or endangered.  

“This voyage goes to ensuring the long term health of the Coral Sea and protecting Australia’s biological diversity.”

Bush Blitz manager Jo Harding said one of the most exciting quests on this voyage would be the search for new species.  

“Bush Blitz has discovered over 1,100 new species to date and we expect to find more during this Coral Sea trip,” Ms Harding said.

“Along with finding new species two teachers from the Bush Blitz TeachLive programme will deliver classes via satellite to students more than 3000km away, providing them with a unique chance to take part in a virtual expedition on the high seas.

“We’ll also be studying small land and sea animals that live on marine debris and look at the potential for these animals to hitch a ride across the ocean. While we know this is a natural process longer trips may be possible on debris like plastics that don’t break down in the environment.”

CSIRO technician TJ Lawson said researchers would assess the impact of rubbish on flora and fauna on the Coral Sea islands and work to identify the source of marine debris.  

“We need to identify where the litter is coming from and devise a plan to stop it from washing out to sea in the first place,” Ms Lawson said.  

“Australia has a world class litter tracking system, and research gather during this voyage will be used to help better manage our aquatic environments on a global scale.”  

The clean-up and research voyage will see not-for-profit organisation Tangaroa Blue, Surfrider Foundation and Take3 work with Parks Australia, Bush Blitz and the CSIRO, collaborate to tackle key threats to the health of marine life and seabirds.  

Meanwhile debris collected on the voyage will be brought back to the mainland for disposal, with some to be used by Cairns artists to create sculptures from marine debris.  

Funding for the Coral Sea Clean-up and Bio-discovery Voyage has been split evenly between Parks Australia and Bush Blitz. Bush Blitz partners BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities and Earthwatch have funded their half of the trip.

Media Contacts: 

Jo Harding – Bush Blitz - 0459 804 796   

Mark Sawa – Parks Australia – 02 6274 1276 or 0416 911 968

Roberta Dixon-Valk - Take 3 - 0421 401 601




Take 3 'BROKEN DREAMS' exhibition in conjunction with the Australian Open of Surfing in Manly


If you passed by the Australian Open of Surfing at Manly Beach you may have glimpsed the array of illustrated surfboards on display as part of the Broken Dreams exhibition hosted by Take 3. 


Broken Dreams is a collaboration between Take 3 and artist network ‘Local Artist Division’(www.localartistdivision.com) to raise funds and awareness for the important, globally significant campaign that simply asks everyone to take 3 pieces of rubbish with them when they leave the beach, waterway or…anywhere. 

Sixteen professional surfers donated broken boards and sixteen of Australia’s best and brightest artists resurrected them with influential and compelling art. Boards were unveiled at Wild Things Gallery for the opening night of Aus Open before being whisked to the competition site the next morning for full publicity to the thousands of fans and beach goers at Manly. Boards are currently being auctioned online until Sunday 13th March, head to www.localartistdivision.com to view and place your bids.

Funds raised from Broken Dreams will help Take 3 deliver education programs in schools, surf clubs and in communities across Australia. Established in 2009, Take 3 is achieving growing global success through their campaign that aims to reduce sources of plastic pollution and protect wildlife. To get involved simply #take3forthesea and share online to spread awareness and motivate others.


The surfers and artists involved in each board are as follows:  

Surfer / Artist

Julian Wilson || Grizzle

Mitch Crews || William Nghiem 

Mikey Wright || Kentaro Yoshida

Kai Otton || Sindy Sinn

Harley Ingleby || Skulk (one half) Birdhat (the other half)

Owen Wright || Lee McConnell

Laura Enever || Bree Auty

Ozzie Wright || Ben Brown

Dion Agius || Apeseven

Ace Buchan || Mulga (one board) Brent Smith (on the other)

Wiggolly Dantas || Nico

Tyler Wright || Brigid Moloney

Dave Rastovich || Grant Molony

Isabella Nichols || Siobhan Stone

Russ Molony || Russ Molony



Landcare Australia supports Take 3 to help inspire young people to protect our environment.


Take 3 are very pleased to announce a partnership with Landcare Australia to shine a light on young people around Australia who are creating positive change for the Australian environment. 

Are you a young person creating positive change for the Australian environment? If so, you too could be profiled! Be sure to contact us if you know someone suitable.

Over the next 6 months Take 3 will be profiling young people using the‪ #‎younglandcare‬ hashtag. We'll be telling their story and directing people to practical opportunities where they can participate in conservation related activities. We believe every Australian has a shared responsibility to protect our environment and we're massive fans of the Landcare Australia movement. Did you know there are over 6000 registered community Landcare and Coastcare groups! Amazing!

Our first profile is the awesome Regan Jade, a marine biologist and eco-wellness coach who recently established the Take 3 Melbourne Chapter (www.facebook.com/groups/take3melbourne) Regan is passionately inspiring young people to consider the health of our planet, our oceans and our own health. More info at: http://reganjade.com/ 


We asked Regan a few questions and this is what she had to say.


Take 3: Why are you passionate about protecting Australia's coastline?

Regan: I want my future children to grow up with clean beaches to walk on and clean oceans to swim in.

Take 3: What do you find most satisfying about volunteering your time for a good cause?

Regan: I am giving my time and energy towards the greatest cause, protecting our Mother Earth. I get to help educate others about how we can all make planet positive choices everyday.

Take 3: What would you say to a young person to encourage them to help protect Australia's land and water assets?

Regan: We need more awesome people like you looking after our precious Mother Earth, not only will you be protecting Australia's land and water assets for future generations to come you will also make lasting friendships with amazing like-minded people.


Regan is looking for volunteers to join the great and regular activities happening around Melbourne. Join the Take 3 Melbourne Facebook group here to hear more and get involved.

You can find more information about Regan and her work at www.reganjade.com and you can find out more information about Landcare Australia and local volunteer opportunities at www.landcareonline.com.au


This project is supported by Landcare Australia through funding from the National Landcare Programme.

A huge thanks to Landcare Australia for the continued support of Take 3.  


5 Heartbreaking images showing the state of our oceans

Are these some of the most heartbreaking images illustrating the state of the ocean you've seen? Taken by Take 3 Ambassador and photographer Nick Pumphrey off Nusa Lembongan near Bali they show the true impact of our obsession with single use plastic and the results when we don't do all in our power to prevent plastic from entering the ocean. Find more of Nick's work on Instagram @NickPumphreyPhoto or at www.NickPumphrey.com

We asked Nick what it was like to photograph this scene.

Name: Nick Pumphrey

Date: 18th December 2014

Camera Set Up: Canon 1d mk3, 15mm Fisheye, SPL water housing.

Where: Nusa Lembongan


Take 3: Explain what was happening here Nick? 

Nick: I was on a quick trip over to Nusa Lembongan with a couple of friends. One of the girls really had her heart set on seeing the Manta Rays and I figured I could possibly get a few cool underwater shots at the same time...


It was kind of a strange morning, the skies were dark and ominous with the wind picking up... Still we went to the little cove where a few more boats were huddled up with divers/snorkelers hoping to see the Mantas. It was pretty choppy, lots of movement on the water surface, I was actually starting to feel sea sick at that point so I jumped overboard with my water housing to feel normal again. From the boat you couldn’t see the litter.... It was when I dived under for the first time that I saw it all. It was pretty shocking, an unwelcome surprise for sure! There was a lot of it, so I felt compelled to shoot it as well as the Manta Rays.

Take 3: How were the other divers reacting? 

Nick: Well the mood on the boat to the next spot was pretty sombre.. Even though we had all witnessed the majestic beauty of the Manta Rays, truly incredible as they glide past you at such close proximity!! Unfortunately the sights under water of the litter kinda marred the experience.


Take 3: What did the local people say about it? 

Nick: Our captain said it was due to the rain and that it had come from the land, backing it up with "It’s not normally like this". Which is probably true, but of course the problem is not being able to deal with their waste, and they use of too much plastic!

Take 3: Where do you suspect the debris came from? 

Nick: I’m not sure. A bit from the land and unfortunately I suspect its already in the sea and moves with the different currents and swells etc.


Take 3: Did you see the Manta Ray's eat any debris? 

Nick: I did not see the Rays eating any debris, but they do swim with their mouths wide open so chances are pretty high. I did see a few dead fish floating about amongst it all.... 


As I said it was a strange day. We were told we were unlucky to see that. I think we were lucky to see it, because you hear about it a lot, but its only when you see it with your own eyes that it makes an impact on you, and makes you want to try and do something about it.



Take 3 Ambassador Program launches!

Take 3 are very pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new project! The Take 3 Ambassador Program aims to educate and inspire global audiences to #Take3ForTheSea by linking influential individuals with talented artists to share compelling content via social media. The program will see dozens of inspiring celebrities, sporting identities, artists, musicians and other influential individuals sharing beautiful content across multiple media platforms. To follow the journey please follow our social media accounts:

Instagram: @take3cleanbeach

Facebook: Take 3

Twitter: @take3cleanbeach


Take 3's a winner at the NSW Government Green Globe Awards!


A big congratulations to Tim Silverwood from Take 3 for winning the Sustainability Champion Award at the NSW Government Green Globe Awards! Tim was ecstatic to be recognised for the hard work and dedication he has contributed to education and action on waste and plastic pollution. 

Tim Silverwood with NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes

Tim Silverwood with NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes


The Talking Trash Tour 2014

Take 3 are very proud to announce an exciting education and outreach program for January 2014! Tim Silverwod (co-founder of Take 3) is teaming up with Canadian environmentalist and aventurer Adrian Midwood (Ocean Ambassadors, Leisure Activist Group) to sail from Brisbane to Sydney from 7th Jan - 3rd Feb 2014.

The aim of The Talking Trash Tour is to visit 15 coastal communities, ignite conversation about the problems of plastic pollution, explore innovative solutions and promote local action.      

The team will utilise the 38ft sustainable catamaran, the S.V. Moana for the trip as well as a land based support team. Events en route will include:

•Beach Clean Ups

•Film Nights

•Open discussions

•Demonstrations of Innovative Technology that converts plastic into oil 

•Tours on board the S.V. Moana, a fully sustainable 38ft catamaran

•Tips, Hints and products to help reduce waste at home or in the office

•Solutions for local businesses and government


Please visit the Facebook event to see updated information and invite your friends!

Please Contact Us if you would like to sponsor the tour or volunteer. We are seeking to promote the activities and gain media attention for the events in the following communities:



Brisbane 7/01/14 

Tweed Heads/Gold Coast 9/01/14

Byron/Ballina 11-12/01/14

Yamba 14/01/14

Coffs Harbour 19/01/14

Port Macquarie 21/01/14

Forster 23-24/01/14

Port Stephens 25/01/14 - 3pm - 4pm - Clean Up Event - Nelson Bay Breakwall, meet at Fishermans Co-Op, end of Teramby Rd. 6pm-8pm - FREE Planet Ocean film screening and discussion with leading environmentalists Tim Silverwood (Take 3) and Adrian Midwood (The Ocean Ambassadors). Chris Walking Theatre, St Philips Christian College, 182 Salamander Way, Salamander Bay.  

Newcastle 26-28/01/14 - 26th Jan. - Demonstration onboard S.V. Moana at National Maritime Festival 2014. Maritime Centre, Lee Wharf, Newcastle. 

28th Jan. - 9am-11am- Nobbys Beach Clean Up, meet at the Surf Club kiosk. Enquiries: surfrider.hunter@gmail.com

28th Jan. - 3pm-4pm - ‘Disgusting Ditties of the Deep’. Exclusive tour of the Deep Oceans exhibition with environmental specialist Tim Silverwood. Newcastle Museum. Free with exhibition entry. Bookings on 4974 1422.  

Central Coast 29-30/01/14 - 29th Jan. - Long Jetty, Central Coast. 7pm - 'TRASHED' film screening and presentation/ discussion with Tim and Adrian. The Glass Onion Society Cafe, 308 Entrance Rd, Long Jetty. Supported by Wyong Shire Council.

30th Jan. - The Entrance/ Avoca - 10am-11am - Clean Up Event. Terilbah Reserve, North Entrance NSW. Supported by Wyong Shire Council. 6.30pm-9pm - PLANET OCEAN film screening and presentation/ discussion with Adrian and Tim. This incredible high budget film will blow your mind! FREE. Supported by Gosford City Council and Hunter-Central Rivers CMA. Avoca Beach Picture Theatre. Bookings: 02 4382 1777 ($10 refundable deposit).

Sydney 31/01/14 - 3/01/14 - 31st Jan. - Hornsby, 6.45pm - FREE screening of TRASHED at Hornsby Library. Supported by Hornsby Council. Bookings essential: http://www.hornsby.nsw.gov.au/my-lifestyle/events/all-events/all-events/free-film-screening-trashed

2nd Feb. - Manly - 5pm-9pm - Manly Sealife Aquarium supported by Sealife Conservation Fund. Beach clean up 5pm-6pm with Two Hands Project. Meet at Manly Aquarium. 'Trashed' screening and presentation with Tim and Adrian from 6.30pm.

Details and bookings: http://www.sealifeconservation.org.au/event/trashed-screening-special-guest-tim-silverwood-manly/  

3rd Feb. - 6.30pm-8.30pm - Darling Harbour - Sydney Sealife Aquarium supported by Sydney Sealife Conservation Fund. Details and bookings: http://www.sealifeconservation.org.au/event/trashed-special-guest-tim-silverwood-take-3/


A HUGE thanks to Cath Leach from Catfish Creative for designing our tour poster! She's awesome, check her out!


WIN! A double pass to the Jack Johnson concert at Sydney Opera House forecourt on 11th December 2013! HURRY! Entries close 1st December!




Take 3 is teaming up with Jack Johnson’s All At Once community and the Capture Your Commitment campaign to promote plastic free living. Enter the draw to win a double pass to the Jack Johnson concert at Sydney Opera House forecourt on 11th December by simply:

  • upload an image showing how you Take 3 or live plastic free
  • hashtag #aaoplasticfree and #take3forthesea to enter the draw  

You can upload photos to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Images can show you cleaning up the environment or showing how you avoid using disposable plastic.

Winner will be chosen at random and  announced via social media on December 1st 2013. Prize includes a double pass to the Jack Johnson concert in Sydney on Dec. 11th only and does not include any additional costs or assistance with travel.

You can also win a double pass to a Jack Johnson concert in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth simply by volunteering at one of the All at Once beach clean ups. Take 3 will also be assisting with  the clean ups in Sydney on 8th December. More info below and here.


A chance to see the award-winning documentary 'Trashed'

In conjunction with Blenheim Films, Take 3 are excited to announce screenings of the award-winning documentary, 'Trashed' (www.trashedfilm.com). Premiering in a special screening at the Cannes Festival in 2012, this new documentary follows Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons as he travels the world to see the extent to which we are trashing the planet. This must see film can be also be downloaded from itunes or if you are interested in partnering with Take 3 for a co-branded community screening, please contact us.


A snapshot of what we do in schools

Take 3 were approached by ABC News to showcase how our organisation is using schools education to tackle the growing problem of plastic pollution. We thought we'd show the world what Dobroyd Point Primary School in inner-west Sydney are doing to combat the problem and educate a generation. You can watch the 7 min feature here.




Recycle a Tweet

To keep the pressure on the NSW Government to support a National 10c container deposit scheme we have partnered with recycleatweet.com. The concept is simple and brilliant, for every retweet of the original tweet, 10c is donated to the campaign and Premier Barry O'Farrell (@barryofarrell) gets a 'ping' reminding him that people want this scheme. Technology is brillian isn't it... Head to www.recycleatweet.com now and get re-tweeting!


Take 3 at Sydney EcoXpo 20-22nd Sept. 2013

Take 3 are excited to be once again hosting a stall at the 2013 Sydney EcoXpo! This year sees some amazing guest speakers on the bill to stimulate conversation and action on a range of sustainability issues including Dr. David Suzuki who will be appearing on Friday and Sunday. For a full list of happenings at the event visit www.ecoxpo.com.au and be sure to enter the promo code Take3-EcoXpo to receive your discount! We're also looking for volunteers to help at our stall on Fri, Sat and Sun. Contact us if that's you!

For more information about EcoXpo, the Sydney event, or future EcoXpo events, visit www.ecoxpo.com.au


Do you support a 10 cent container deposit scheme?

It's been over 10 years since environmental groups first started campaigning for a National container deposit system to stop the littering of bottles and cans and to promote better recycling in Australia. With over one third of global marine debris reported to come from the beverage industry (CSIRO reported) it's about time we took measures to protect our oceans and wildlife from the scourge of beverage related plastic and other debris. With governments meeting to decide whether to adopt a National system in late June 2013 it is imperative that EVERYONE sends through a submission asking them to support the scheme. Please send a quick online form here: kickingthecan.org.au/take-action


Take 3 Fundraiser on Feb. 6th 2013 on Bondi Beach..

It's set to be a bumper year for Take 3 and I can't wait! First up on the block is this awesome fundraiser event we're hosting at Bondi Beach in conjunction with Openair Cinemas called, 'Take 3 presents Ocean Love - an evening of music, film, art & inspiration celebrating our oceans.'  

We have secured the amazing Mat Mchugh (former front man of The Beautiful Girls) to perform live! We asked our Facebook followers who they thought would be the best Australian musician to support Take 3 and there was an overwhelming response to Mat Mchugh. Mat being the legend that he is has obliged, thanks mate! You can download his new album 'Love Come Save Me' for free at www.matmchughmusic.com  

 The feature film will be the award winning 'Minds in the Water' about pro surfer & environmentalist Dave 'Rasta' Rastovich & his efforts to protect whales & dolphins from human harm. It's an epic tale of how one man can inspire a generation of change. Dave is one of the founders of Surfers for Cetaceans, check them out.  

If we have time we plan on showing the new surf film by acclaimed surf director Taylor Steele called, 'Here & Now' after the feature film. This film explores a single day in surfing around the world & features Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Rasta and Steph Gilmore among others.  

There will be a number of environmental organisations there on the night to discuss local initiatives to protect our oceans. There will also be a bumper raffle where you could win: a wooden board by Tom Wegener, signed photographs by Rasta, autographed surf films by Taylor Steele, bamboo sunglasses from Topheads Eyewear, surfwear from Dripping Wet Surf Co., sustainable products from ReChusable, subscriptions for Green Lifestyle Magazine and much more!


A HUGE thanks to Ben & Jerry's Openair Cinema Bondi for supporting Take 3, this is our second year with them & we look forward to many more. 


Tickets from just $17 - head to www.openaircinemas.com.au 


This years event will be amazing & we'd love to sell all 500 tickets so please share this info & tell everyone to come along.


Thanks to Elli at Studio Alte for designing the rad poster!


Calling all creatives (or anyone really..)

Message in a Bottle: Creatives to challenge ‘throw away’ plastic living in competition with a conscious

Take 3 has teamed up with the geniuses at Create or Die for an exciting design competition aimed at promoting plastic reduction. The 'Message in a Bottle' campaign asks designers to develop an artwork that inspires awareness and action on reducing plastic in life and in the sea. Artworks will be judged on, winners displayed at an exclusive event in Newtown, Sydney and the winning 10 designs printed on beer coasters and distributed far and wide. Sound like something you'd be in to? Entries close 11th January 2013. Get designing! Visit http://miab.net.au/ for full details. 



An evening with an Icon..

If there's one man who knows it 'all' about our chosen field it's this guy... Captain Charles Moore.  

An icon and role model to many, Captain Moore famously stumbled across floating plastics when sailing from Hawaii to California in 1997. The shock, disgust and impending actions of Charles led to the word hearing of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for the first time.  

Charles established the Algalita Marine Research Institute and has led global action and research into this issue for over 15 years. In 2011 I had the pleasure of meeting Charles at his home in Long Beach, California after my own voyage to the Garbage Patch and now it's your turn!  

Captain Moore is coming to Australia as part of his Plastic Pollution Conversation tour promoting his new book, 'Plastic Ocean'. You can meet Charles in Sydney on 26th Sept at Taronga Zoo, 27th Sept at North Bondi RSL, Huskisson Sept. 24th, Melbourne 23rd Sept and Hobart Sept 21st. Entry is by donation or by purchasing a signed copy of the book for $20.

The events will also include a very special preview of the amazing new documentary 'Trashed' featuring Jeremy Irons. After receiving a standing ovation at its premiere in Cannes and winning the audience choice at the Maui Film Festival - this is a film not to be missed!




Take 3 has held a staggering 60 community events across 4 States since September 2011 reaching out to over 4000 people!! These events are a fantastic way of introducing the problem of plastic pollution to audiences and inspiring simple actions to help make life 'a little less plastic'. Presentations generally include a presentation by Take 3 co-founder Tim Silverwood, a screening of the award winning documentary, 'Bag It' and an all important Q&A where people can share what is happening locally. We have partnered with councils, catchment authorities, schools, universities, businesses, marine authorities and other organisations to deliver these fantastic nights and suggest you Contact us  if you would like to organise one in your area. Here is a flyer for an upcoming talk in Sydney on 16th May.



Kids, Kids, Glorious Kids! 

We at Take 3 have been doing LOTS of presentations at schools lately between Sydney and Newcastle. We absolutely love the enthusiasm and excitement of young students and look forward to expanding on our schools education program around NSW and Australia. So far we have educated over 5000 students around Australia from over 25 schools. Do you have a school that would love a visit from Take 3? Contact us for information. Here are some students from 4H at Castle Cove Primary in Sydney giving their best Take 3 salute with Tim and Amanda.


Half Price Tickets to EcoXpo 2012!!

EcoXpo is a huge sustainability fair being held at Fox Studios on Sat/Sun the 12th/ 13th May 2012. Take 3 is very stoked to have a stall at the Expo and to receive a donation for every ticket sold when you purchase showing the below coupon...PLUS you get the ticket for HALF PRICE!!

Take 3 co-founder Tim Silverwood will be giving two presentations about plastic pollution during the festival at 215pm Saturday and 12pm Sunday.

Show this coupon at the ticket booth for your discount!



Talk about a lucky guy!!

During the Noosa Festival of Surfing (10-17 March 2012) Take 3 were encouraging visitors to collect rubbish off the beach for free raffle tickets to win a FANTASTIC prize donated by long time Take 3 supporter Rex Marechal of RMS Surfboards (www.rmshapes.com). The winner was Steve Manning from Sunshine Beach. 



We're Heading to Noosa!

Take 3 is very proud to have been invited to attend the Noosa Festival of Surfing 2012 (march 11-17). Our organisation will have a presence throughout the week long festival, will host a number of events and also be educating visitors on the problems of rubbish in our waterways. We will lso be holding daily workshops and daily beach clean ups. Come on down and visit!


In conjunction with the visit to Noosa, Tim Silverwood will be visiting many locations in SE QLD and Northern NSW to give presentations and show the Bag It film. For a full list of locations and dates click here.


A New Partnership

Take 3 is very pleased to announce our new relationship with Cheeki Bottles, an Australian stainless steel reusable bottle manufacturer who are very into initiatives to help you ditch the plastic habit!! Printed Take 3 bottles will be available to purchase in about a month!! Keep an eye out!

Visit their website here.


March 2012 Events

Wednesday 7th March – Queensland Conservation Council presents ‘Bag It’ with Tim Silverwood 6.30pm-8.30pm. Bleeding Heart Café, 166 Ann St, Brisbane. Tix $10. More info here.  

Thursday 8th March – 6.30pm – Gold Coast Council presents ‘Bag It’ with Tim Silverwood. Mermaid Beach Community Centre, 2439 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach. Gold coin donation.  

Saturday 10th March to Saturday 17th March – Noosa Festival of Surfing. Join us at the festival area for daily beach clean ups and fun activities and some special evening events. Stay tuned.  

March 23rd – Byron Bay - TBC

March 25th – Bellingen Memorial Hall – 6.30 – 830pm. Bellingen Environment Centre presents Bag It with special guest Tim Silverwood.

March 26th – Coffs Harbour – National Marine Science Centre, Level 1 lecture theatre - Southern Cross University – 6.30pm – 8.30pm. Bag It film and presentation by Tim Silverwood proudly supported by Southern Cross University, National Marine Science Centre; Solitary Islands Marine Park Authority, Department of Primary Industries; and Coffs Harbour City Council

March 27th – Port Macquarie TAFE - 6.30pm - Port Macquarie Council and TAFE presents Bag It with Tim Silverwood.


Tim Silverwood and 'One Beach'

Tim Silverwood is ecstatic to be associated with the new film 'One Beach' directed by Jason Baffa. If you haven't seen the film yet click here.


Take 3 on TV!!!

22nd August 2011 - Channel 7 Nationwide news feature on marine debris here.

Sea of Rubbish Threatens Marine Life

23rd August 2011 - Take 3 co-founder Tim Silverwood appears on Channel 7 Sunrise here.  



Victoria gets a visit from Take 3 co-founder Tim..

On Wednesday 14th September Take 3 will be hosting a screening of the award winning documentary Bag It at The Espy in St. Kilda followed by screenings in Geelong on Friday 16th and Torquay on Saturday 17th September. Full details here.


18/08/2011 - Exciting Week Ahead

Tim's return from his North Pacific Gyre expedition next week marks an exciting development as he is recognised as an ambassador for Keep Australia Beautiful. The 2011 KAB Week campaign is 'Dropped on land...kills at sea', a message Take 3 firmly believes in. Keep an eye out for exciting appearances on Channel 7 news on Monday 22nd August and Sunrise on Tuesday 23rd August.  


03/08/2011 - Marine Debris Art Competition Winners on our Gallery Page


01/08/11 - Tim has reached terra firma...

After three weeks of sailing across the Pacific Ocean to research marine debris in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre Take 3 Co-founder Tim Silverwood has reached Vancouver! Tim still has some more filming to do for his documentary project so won't be back in Australia until August 20th but you can read more about his experience on his blog here.


30/06/11 - A blog from the Gyre

Tim has uploaded his first blog entry from his Great Pacific Shame project. Titled 'Beach of Shame' you can check it out on his website here.


21/06/11 - Ship 2 Shore Education Program

Students and teachers are encouraged to follow Tim's journey to study plastic pollution in the Great pacific Garbage Patch using the fantastic interactive education program, 'Ship 2 Shore'. Once registered with the free program, primary and high school students: have access to a wealth of information about marine debris; can post questions online for the team to answer; and receive updates from the vessel as it studies the Garbage Patch. “The Ship 2 Shore program has been developed to enable students from all around the world to get together and learn more about marine debris. There are opportunities for students to ask questions, meet the crew, learn about the research being conducted, undertake their own research and develop their own solution to plastic pollution in their area” Tim said.   

“Not many people have visited the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for research so this program is a very unique chance for students to receive real time ‘news’, photos and findings straight from the ‘oceans mouth’, so to speak”. Register for Ship 2 Shore here.


Take 3 launches Marine Debris Art Competition - 08/06/11

In celebration of World Oceans Day 2011, Take 3 has launched a Marine Debris Art Competition. The competition has been designed to engage youth in learning more about marine debris whilst having fun and being creative. The event is being supported by Erina Fair and is for participating schools in the Central Coast region of NSW, Australia. If you live outside of the Central Coast you can still get creative! The theme is 'My wonderful sea, free from debris' and people are encouraged to use items they have collected on the beach or near a waterway (river) with mixed media to create their marine debris masterpiece.

For more information contact:

Amanda Marechal - Ph: 0438 857 263

Email: mandsand@gmail.com


© 2011 Take 3


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